Generally speaking, it has today become very hard to choose the gadgets you will buy for yourself. Namely, if you are a gadget freak, and the chances are high you are, you will be faced with so many choices to make. For example, if you decided to buy all the ‘necessary’ gadgets that a modern day businessman needs, you would probably end up spending a pretty large sum of money on buying more than just a few of them – chief of which would be a great smartphone. So, if you have really decided to buy a few gadgets, you will never make a mistake to go for a manufacturer such as Apple, as their iPhone is by far the best all-around smartphone you can choose.

The iPhone 4S – Probably the Best Smartphone on the Market

Yes, there have been a lot of smartphones that have threatened to remove the iPhone 4S from the throne it rightfully sits on, but it seems that none of these smartphones really succeeded in doing so. What this means is that a smartphone like iPhone 4S has been anticipated for a long time, and when it finally hit the market it made a pretty big bang! Even though it is today not the newest smartphone model on the market, it is still considered to be the best by many. By the looks of things, it will remain the best all until Apple releases the rumored iPhone 5.

So, What Do You Get for Your Money?

What you get is pretty much everything you might want in a smartphone – and you probably didn’t expect anything less from Apple, did you? For one, you get a fantastic 8-megapixel camera and an even better display with the resolution of 960 x 640 pixels – a display that shows photos and videos as sharp as they can be. However, Apple hasn’t made any changes when it comes to the size of the screen, so you will be stuck with 3.5 inches. While the screen size often seems to be a real disadvantage, iPhone 4S users fail to complain about it excessively, so it is safe to say that this is something you can afford to ignore. With 16 GB of on-board memory, as well as the opportunity to add an extra 32 or even 64 GB, there is really no reason to think that you will ever run out of storage space on the iPhone 4S.

Aside from this, there is also Siri, which is basically your own little personal assistant that is controlled by the use of voice commands. You can use this handy feature when driving, for instance, and it will do a number of things instead of you. It can send text messages; it can make memos; it can call your contacts, access the Internet, and so much more.

Should You Buy the iPhone 4S or Wait for the New Model?

Even though there are speculations, the official date of release of the new iPhone model is not yet known. Therefore, if you need a great smartphone now and you are an Apple fan, you would be better off buying the iPhone 4S than waiting for the new model.