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Bad Credit Mobile Phone Contracts

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If you’re in search for bad credit mobile phone contracts, look no further. PhonesForAll can help you choose among the vast market of bad credit contract phones so you can now enjoy more savings as compared to pay as you go. Our acceptance rates is one of the highest in the industry so you can expect to find the right kind of deal with the most suitable tariff for your needs, no matter how bad your credit may seem.

PhonesForAll are mobile phone contract specialists. We are experts in getting people a contract phone on a suitable tariff for them. We work with all the leading networks, including O2, Vodafone Orange, 3 Mobile, Virgin Mobile and T-Mobile to help you find the perfect deal.

What We Do?

Through our strong partnerships with the UK’s largest network providers such as Three, Vodafone, O2, Virgin, and T-Mobile, we are able to help anyone qualify for bad credit mobile phones. Whether you have been refused a deal elsewhere, we are confident that we will be able to find you a deal that matches your needs and preferences.

If you came here looking for no credit check or guaranteed contract phones, we just want to clarify that we can never guarantee anyone a phone contract. This is because each network employs different credit check criteria, and we have no control over their decision on whether to approve you or not. What we do, however, is to show you the deals with the highest acceptance rates. We have access to all these information through other customers’ feedback, continuous research, and most importantly, our trusted relationships with these network companies.

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While you can rely on our service to find a suitable phone deal, these are the additional tips we recommend to make it easier for you to qualify for bad credit mobile phone contracts.

Do not Apply for Expensive Handsets

Forget the Galaxy Note III or the iPhone 5s, at least for now. With poor credit, it’s hard enough to obtain a contract phone, let alone one with a high-end gadget. When you apply for cheaper devices, you’ll have a better chance of getting approved.

Inquire About Sim Only Offers

Sim only contracts offer the same benefits as a regular phone contract, only without the handset. But this makes the plan even cheaper and easier to get approved for. If you’re still happy with your old gadget or have the cash to pay for your new phone outright, a sim only offer can give you more savings for the long-term.

Prepare a Deposit

Depending on your credit score, some networks may require you to provide security deposit, and the amount may also vary depending on the handset you want. The more deposit you’re willing to provide, the likelier it is to get approved. Don’t worry though, because you may be able to get this money back as you pay your bills on time.

Find a Guarantor

If none of the above tactics work, you may need the help of a guarantor to make the application for contract that much easier. If you have a guarantor, the network will look at that person’s credit score, not yours. If a friend, relative, colleague, or anyone else you know with good credit is willing to cosign your application for bad credit contract phones, this will increase your chances.

Even though we can show you ways how to get accepted for bad credit mobile phones, we still recommend that you start on actively fixing your credit score. By paying all your dues on time, keeping your balances low, and spacing out your credit applications, you will notice some improvements so you won’t have to need our services in the future!

What to do now?

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