Unlike most networks, Phones For All offers a simple solution to enjoying a Mobile Sim Package that does NOT require any traditional forms of credit checks.

Our Great Data Packages include everything you need -

A Sim Card,

Number Porting Facility

Unlimited Texts

Unlimited Minutes

Plenty of Data

and a FREE* phone of your choice at NO EXTRA cost.

Put simply, we care more about your future than any problems from your past and firmly believe that everyone deserves to have modern technology at their fingertips regardless of their credit history.


First, Select the weekly budget you are comfortable with. Although we don't do credit checks, we still want to make sure you are comfortable paying the agreed amount. We are part of the Helpful Panda group that specialises in helping people sort their finances so it's important to us to know that you are ok to pay the weekly amount

The first step to getting your new data Package and FREE* handset is to pick your ideal data package Subscription Plan. Once you have decided on your weekly budget, you simply need to use our network for 5 weeks so we can get to know each other a little better, after which your FREE* handset will be provided at NO EXTRA COST.

If you don't have a current handset at the moment or your existing one is damaged simply contact us and we will supply (for a small charge) one of our amazing starter phones to get you up and running on our network.

Receive your FREE handset

After just 5 weeks of being a good customer on our network, your FREE* handset will be dispatched directly to you. No catches -No credit checks - No Extra Costs - Guaranteed acceptance!

All of our handsets come with a standard 12 month warranty for your peace of mind. If it goes wrong we will replace it FREE of charge(accidental damage will be charged)

That's right! once you are a good customer on our network you get to enjoy the benefits of our data packages with a FREE* handset after 6 months with no waits and no worries about future credit checks - ever!

You also receive cheaper tariffs the longer you stay with us.

*Handset loaned at no additional cost


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